The table show all available parameters.

DestinationPath Required The path to where the MSI will be published.
Example: C:\Temp\BtsSample.
ApplicationName Required The BizTalk Application that be created/updated by the MSI.
ApplicationDescription Optional The BizTalk Description that will be added/updated to the BizTalk Application.
Version Optional A possible version number added to the MSI. Uses a format.
FileName Optional If set if will be used as a specific file name.
Defaults to ApplicationName-yyyyMMddHHmmss
Example: Build 23456_2.msi
SourceLocation Optional If set will be part of the MSI property for source location and visible in the BizTalk Administration console.
Example: \\\drops$\Build 23456_2
BtsAssemblies (ItemGroup) Optional A list of BizTalk resources that should be added to the MSI.
Resources (ItemGroup) Optional A list of Non BizTalk resouses that should be added to the MSI.
ReferenceApplications (ItemGroup) Optional List of BizTalk application that should be refernces as the MIS is imported. By default the System.BizTalk is added.