Looking forward to stackoverflow.com

Jul 09, 2008

stackoverflow-logo-250I’m really looking forward to the release of stackoverflow.com - have you heard about it? If not it’s a collaboration between Joel Spolsky and Jeff Atwood. Joel and Jeff are of course the two blogger behind the popular Joel on Software and Coding Horror blogs.

Joel is also one of the founders of the FogCreek Software company. FogCreek has a couple of different products but the most known is probably FogBugz which is a really cool project management/bug tracking/wiki/support tool for software development and management. At first it might not look like a very impressing tool but have a look at this presentation by Joel and I think you’ll start thinking different (I know we did and we’re now using it for both planing and managing big integrations projects).

Anyway, if you missed the story behind stackoverflow have a look here and don’t miss the podcasts that Joel and Jeff record, some of them are really cool. I know I’ve learnt a lot by just listening in to their conversations.

We not have quite a few online BizTalk communities such as the Microsoft forums, Google Groups, BizTalk Gurus, facebook (search for BizTalk related groups) and at LinkedIn (a couple of open BizTalk related groups) - is there room for another one at stackoverflow? Do we need one?