Gobbledygooks by @riha78

A random pile of .NET, BizTalk and integration focused scribbles by @riha78.

A bit more about me and a few projects I am currently spending time on.

BtsMsiLib and BtsMsiTask

MSI are great for deployment. These two projects enables packaging of BizTalk and BizTalk related dlls into a single MSI that then can be deployed to BizTalk - without first having to install into BizTalk Server.

BtsMsiLib is a standalone .NET library that exposes methods for packing dlls, making it possible to build custom solutions that leverages the MSI packing functionality. BtsMsiLib is available as a NuGet package.

BtsMsiTask is a MsBuild task built upon BtsMsiLib that exposes the packing functionality as MsBuild task. Read more about the features and how to get going at the documentation site.

BizTalk Web Documentor

Takes the idea of automatically generated technical documentation from a BizTalk server and creates a static web site. BtsWebDoc exposes everything for orchestrations and mapping details to information about ports and much much more

Unfortunately the project in currently on halt due to lack of time.


Simple small project in TypeScript that tries to make "lottery draws" and so on more fun. Enter a number of names and get a spinning prize wheel.

Open source, available for playing using a Facebook login.

Snake Pit

God old Snake using JavaScript and TypeScript - super useful of course! Had an idea of an multiplayer game using SignalR but never have had time to finish it. Have a look at some code or start working on your own highscore today.