Speaking at Developer Summit 2008!

Dec 20, 2007

Developer Summit 2008Whoho! I’ll be speaking at Developer Summit 2008. Developer Summit is a conference hosted by Cornerstone, it’s being held in Stockholm between the 9th and 11th of April 2008.

I’ll be doing a talk on Master Data Management (MDM) for the Enterprise using BizTalk 2006. Basically I’ll present some basic theory behind the MDM concept and how it relates to SOA. Then I’ll relate all that to a customer case I recently worked on solving a MDM requirement. Finally I’ll be showing a short demo where I publish some Master Data and update all subscribers to it. In the same demo I’ll also demonstrate on how to monitor the process using Business Activity Monitoring.

Sound interesting? Something specific you think should be in the presentation? Let me know!

Hope to see you there!