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Virtual Desktop Manager in XP PowerToys


Today someone complained about Windows XP's lack of virtual desktops and that Mac had the possibility to have several desktops active with different content. I remembered that had tried something like that a couple of years ago and after a while I found Microsoft PowerToys for Windows XP again.

The PowerToys package contains several small XP add-ins. For example the Virtual Desktop Manager!

As the image above show the manager makes it possible to have four separate desktops running at one - nice! A few configurations tips that I found useful was turn of the shared desktops option and to set the shortcut for showing the desktops to alt-§ (that's close to the alt-tab option).

An other cool application in the PowerToys package is the Alt-Tab Replacement that shows a small preview of the different windows one is multi tasking between (as shown in the image above).